Drift for SalesLoft

The Drift-SalesLoft partnership gives your sales and marketing teams immediate visibility into your target accounts’ activity. This helps you give your buyers the relevant and timely attention they crave, and increase engagement and conversion along the way.

This partnership with Drift will provide sales and marketing teams alike with real-time visibility into target account activities, ensuring everyone has access to the same information at the same time.”
— Whitney Moore, Manager of Inbound Sales Development at SalesLoft

Your Prospecting is Looking Up

Real-time notifications alert sellers when target accounts are on your website, so they know exactly who’s there, what page they’re on, and can connect immediately, or follow up later with a personalized email or video message.



Skip qualification and greet visitors enrolled in a SalesLoft sequence with personalized messages — along with the right playbooks — based on the buyer’s intent and stage in their journey. This might be sharing more content, scheduling a meeting, a live chat with an SDR or chatting with their account owner.


Easy Enrollment, Easier

Enroll contacts into a SalesLoft cadence and follow-up with abandoned chats right from Drift’s activity feed or chat inbox. Plus, see who is watching your videos and visiting the website when you send them links via SalesLoft.


An All-in-One Activity Dashboard

View all account activity in one place, including who’s in cadence, new contacts to follow-up with, and who’s visited your website without engaging in a conversation.


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